Fiskars has an extensive selection of axes, so choosing the right one can be tricky. Stick with us as we guide you through the exciting, feature-packed world of Fiskars X-Series axes. We’ll help you navigate their product range to get the ultimate tool for your life. 

What is the best Fiskars axe?

Each Fiskars axe is made for a different purpose, so there is no axe from their range that “rules them all.” Here are some general recommendations based on our experience:

  • Best high-performance splitter for users over 6 feet: X27 (see review)
  • Best high-performance splitter for users under 6 feet: X25 (see review)
  • Best splitter that combines portability and power: X17 (see review)
  • Best multi-purpose axe: X15 (review in progress)
  • Best camping hatchet: X7 (see review)
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How do I choose the best Fiskars axe?

The first step is determining what you will use the axe for, such as chopping firewood or clearing brush. Once you’re clear on the tool’s primary purpose, narrow down the options and select the best one based on length and weight.

The Fiskars X-Series of splitting and chopping axes lined up to demonstrate their size differences

1. Fiskars splitting axe breakdown

If you primarily use an axe to break logs into smaller pieces, then a splitting axe or maul is an excellent choice. These tools range greatly in size, but they’re all made to cut vertically positioned rounds. Sharp blades, wide cheeks, and big heads make splitting jobs quicker, resulting in less fatigue and hand strain.

An infographic showing the Fiskars splitting axes along with length measurements and head weights

The Fiskars splitting axe range consists of the X27, X25, X21, X17, and X11 models. Let’s take a closer look at each product to demonstrate what sets it apart from the others.

X27 Splitting Axe

Length: 36″ | Head weight: 4lb | Split: 12-36″ logs

X27 splitting axe on white background

The Fiskars X27 is a beast. It’s the most destructive splitting axe in the Fiskars range (excluding mauls). A long handle provides tremendous leverage that combines with a sharp blade to power through large challenging rounds of wood. This is a great tool for tall users, offering a safer swing that reduces the chance of injury.

The axe’s size makes it hard work to swing for long periods. It may be overkill for many jobs. A smaller axe will make more sense for logs with straight fibers that easily break apart.    

X25 Splitting Axe

Length: 28″ | Head weight: 4lb | Split: 12-24″ logs

X25 isolated

The Fiskars X25 also brings a lot of splitting power to the table. Compared to the X27, you can deliver more accurate swings while using less energy. At 28″, it is 8″ shorter than the X27 and is much easier to wield.

Its head weight is four pounds, so it can still force through tough wood effectively. Of course, an X27 has more power. As a comparison, consider this scenario. If it takes two swings to split a 24-inch oak round, expect to swing at least two but sometimes three times using an X25.

Unless you’re tall or have to deal with extremely tough, knotty wood, the Fiskars X25 will work best for most. It’s more affordable than the X27, easier to store, and ideal for tossing into the trunk.

X21 Splitting Axe

Length: 28″ | Head weight: 2.4lb | Split: 8-12″ logs

X21 Axe

The X21 splitting axe has the same handle length as the X25, but its head is 40% lighter at 2.4 pounds. This reduced mass reduces the axe’s power, making it better suited as a primary splitter for small-medium logs.

An X21 can one-hit split 8-12″ rounds, but that doesn’t mean it can’t handle bigger logs. You can break up wood as big as 20″, but it’ll take more work, maybe 2-4 swings.

Americans are unlikely to find the X21 on shelves in their local hardware store. We reached out to Fiskars and asked why but have yet to get a response. The most likely reason is that the small head weight won’t handle many common species of tree in the United States that grow large.

The length and weight of an X21 axe make it an excellent choice as a youth axe. Even for a seasoned axe user, this model is well-suited for anyone splitting less challenging wood. It is light and easy to swing. Working through a cord of straight firewood like oak or willow will require much less energy to repeatedly lift this tool over the shoulders.  

X17 Splitting Axe

Length: 23.5″ | Head weight: 2.4lb | Split: 8-12″ logs

X17 splitting axe on white background

At a length of 23.5″, the X17 splitting axe offers compact performance. It’s long enough to swing with two hands, so the tool can deliver plenty of power. The X17 is ideal for splitting logs up to 12″ in diameter.

While this axe won’t compete with the bigger options on this list, it offers the benefit of portability. This tool easily fits into a vehicle, canoe, RV, or on the back of an ATV. It can be attached to the back of a pack for shorter treks, but there are better options for long trails.

The X17 is too long and cumbersome for one-hand chopping pre-cut firewood into smaller pieces or kindling. You’re better with an X11 for a shorter, lighter option.

The length of an X17 is the same as the X15. However, their heads have a different design. The X17 has wider cheeks that split with the grain, forcing the wood apart. The X15 has a sharper bit that cuts deeper against the grain.

  • the X17 is a better choice if you’re mostly splitting wood.
  • the X15 is best as a multi-purpose tool for splitting, felling, and pruning.
  • for splitting 12″ logs, the X15 will take roughly twice the number of swings as the X17 to get the job done.

X11 Splitting Axe

Length: 17″ | Head weight: 1.75lb | Split: 4-8″ logs

X11 Fiskars axe

The Fiskars X11 is the smallest splitting axe in the range, with a total length of 17″. Its head weighs 1.75lb, which is 0.65lb lighter than the X17. This axe is designed for one-handed swinging, but use two hands if needed.

An X11 doesn’t offer the same splitting power as the others in this range. Use it mainly for splitting logs up to 8″ in diameter. Larger wood will take extra swings, so you won’t want this axe for processing cords of firewood.

The X11 is the same size as the X10. The only difference is the head’s shape – one is made to split, and the other chops. Also, the X10 has a handy tent stake remover which speeds up camp tear-downs.

If you use a woodpile, the X11 is a versatile option. Use it for kindling and breaking up small logs without having to alternate between an axe and a hatchet. 

While the X11 is a small splitting axe, it is still harder to make accurate swings than light hatchets. This axe is cumbersome for carving, bushcraft, and making small tinder. 

2. Fiskars chopping axe breakdown

When most of your work involves swinging against the grain, a chopping axe is the tool for you. Typical tasks may include felling trees, lopping off branches, or bucking small horizontal logs into smaller bits. Fiskars chopping axes have sharper blades with aggressive profiles for biting deep into the wood fibers.

An infographic showing the Fiskars chopping axes, their head weights and total length measurements

The Fiskars chopping axe range comprises the X15, X10, X7, and X5 models.

X15 Chopping Axe

Length: 23.5″ | Head weight: 2.3lb | Split: 1-6″ logs

X15 chopping axe isolated

The multi-talented Fiskars X15 is a versatile axe that is one of the best in its class. Use it for practically any job that requires an axe.

A length of 23.5″ allows for swinging with two hands, offering decent power.

The X15 is primarily made for chopping wood against the grain. It fells small trees up to 6″ thick and easily prunes small branches from trees.

X10 Chopping Axe

Length: 17″ | Head weight: 1.7lb | Split: 1-4″ logs

X10 axe

The Fiskars X10 is the second-biggest chopping axe manufactured by Fiskars. It has a thinner axe head than the splitter tools, designed to penetrate deeply into wood. You can remove the blade easily after each swing without binding.

The X10 is an excellent camping axe and a handy all-purpose option for yard work. It is a versatile tool, ideal for bushcraft, limbing, felling, carving, kindling, and many other jobs.

  • It is excellent for chopping firewood with a quality axe blade that’s easy to maintain.
  • Helpful size for shaping woodwork projects and other carpentry jobs.

Did you know? The Fiskars X10 is the same product as this Gerber Freescape hatchet.

X7 Chopping Axe

Length: 14″ | Head weight: 1lb | Split: 1-4″ logs

Fiskars X7 hatchet

The Fiskars X7 axe is one of the most popular in the company’s range. It offers a fantastic combination of affordability and performance.

It is commonly used for chopping kindling, and all kinds of yard work. Use it to lop off branches and almost any chopping task.

The tool measures 14″, which is compact and portable. It will fit any vehicle’s trunk or even the glove box.

The X7 is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Campers traveling to their campsite in a vehicle will easily fit this hatchet into compact spaces without difficulty.

Hikers, hunters, and others crossing land by foot will barely notice an X7 attached to their pack or belt. This tool will quickly split a pile of firewood, kindling, and tinder at the campsite.

X5 Chopping Axe

Length: 9.5″ | Head weight: 0.9lb | Split: 1-4″ logs

X5 hatchet

The Fiskars X5 is the smallest hatchet they offer. It measures just 9.5″ and is lightweight, so transporting it is a cinch. Long-distance hikers, canoeists, mountaineers, and others looking to shave weight will barely notice it.    

For its small size, the X5 can perform most tasks you’d expect from a bigger hatchet. It can chop small wood and kindling and is versatile enough to perform many tasks that call for a knife.

Remember, the X5 won’t compete with other more powerful tools in the Fiskars range. The focus on size sacrifices leverage, so all the power must come from your arm. It makes a pinch-hitter for occasional jobs out in the wild and is perfect for trips when you are unlikely to need anything bigger.

Fiskars X-Series axe summary

ProductPrimary useSuitable forLength (inches)Head weight (pounds)Total weight (pounds)
X27Splitting12-36″ logs36.04.06.2
X25Splitting12-24” logs28.04.05.3
X21Splitting8-12″ logs28.02.43.6
X17Splitting8-12″ logs23.52.43.4
X11Splitting4-8″ logs17.01.72.4
X15Chopping1-6″ logs23.52.33.4
X10Chopping1-4″ logs17.01.72.2
X7Chopping1-4″ logs14.01.01.4
X5Chopping1-4″ logs9.50.91.0

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3. Fiskars Mauls

Within the Fiskars Pro Isocore range, there are 8lb, 6lb, and 2.5lb mauls. They all have a single purpose, to split tough wood that wants to stay together as a single log. 

The two largest options are 36″ long and measure the same as the X27. However, their heads are significantly heavier, and the cheeks of the blade are much wider.

Using a Fiskars maul is tiring work, especially the eight-pound model. Their heavy heads take effort to lift – unless you’re built like Thor, save these tools for the challenging jobs.

If budget allows, use a lighter splitting axe for the lion’s share of the work, then pull out the maul as needed.

Learn more:

4. Other axes

Fiskars also own the Norden range of hickory wood-handled axes. The products in this range include Norden 7, Norden 10, and Norden 12. Check out our guide to Norden axes to learn more.

Commonly asked questions

Are Fiskars axes suitable for heavy-duty use?

Every Fiskars composite axe is made using FiberComp handles that are virtually unbreakable. They also have inseparable insert-molded heads that won’t come loose from the handle, even with overstrike.

Keep in mind that while all their fiberglass axes are built to last, small hatchets aren’t made to split tough logs. It’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Are Fiskars axes covered by a warranty?

The Fiskars warranty is worded differently depending on the country you live in. For example, in the United States, a lifetime warranty is offered; however, in Australia, the warranty is limited to 25 years. Check the local Fiskars website for more information.

Are Fiskars axes suitable for left-handed users?

Yes, axes produced by Fiskars are suitable for left-handed users. The handle grip and blade profiles are designed to be ambidextrous, meaning a left or right-hander can use them.

Are accessories available for Fiskars axes?

In addition to selling axes, hatchets, and mauls, Fiskars offer replacement sheaths and a blade sharpener that sharpens to the ideal blade angle.

Can I use a Fiskars splitting axe for felling?

You can fell a tree with a splitting axe, but you wouldn’t want to do it often as it takes more work. The duller, wider-angled blade of a splitting axe won’t cut deep into the wood. It is best for cutting with the grain and forcing wood fibers apart. 

Summing up

Fiskars offers an impressive range of axes, each made with a different purpose. When choosing a suitable model, you must consider the specific task you will use it for.

Once you’ve worked out whether splitting or chopping will be the main requirement, making a choice becomes much easier. Consider the user’s height, strength, and whether the tool needs to be lugged long distances on a pack. Choose an appropriate axe based on these considerations.

Buying the wrong axe isn’t the end of the world. For example, an X21 or X25 can do most of the work that an X27 can – it may just take an extra swing or two.

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