The Fiskars X7 chopping axe is the second smallest option in the X-Series range. At 14” in length, it’s made for camping, carpentry, meat processing, and small jobs around the house. 

The features of an X7 look impressive, but is it any good? In this article, we’ll review the X25 to help you understand its features, strengths, and weaknesses.

What is a Fiskars X7?

The X7 is a lightweight hatchet that is easy to carry in a backpack or slip into the trunk when you’re heading to the outdoors. Its thin, wide edge is super-sharp and capable of taking care of business. Use it to chop tinder and kindling, fell saplings, and split small logs.

  • The X7 is a hatchet that’s made for light jobs.
  • Its weight makes it easy to handle, no matter the size.
  • Made from practically unbreakable materials.
Infographic displaying the performance of a Fiskars X7 hatchet

How does the Fiskars X7 perform?

We tested out the Fiskars X7 axe on a range of basic tasks and the results were impressive. Thinning branches off trees was a cinch and so was chopping campfire kindling. It’s light and easy to swing in awkward places like when you’re pruning trees.

It was possible to split small spruce and pine logs but that’s not what this axe is designed for. It’ll do the job when you’re away from home, but you’re better off with the Fiskars X27 or X25 axe for tougher splitting jobs.

The X7 is 14” long and weighs 22.75 ounces which makes it easy to carry or store in small places when you’re traveling. You can even clip it onto a belt or backpack. While it’s not an axe we’d use for all-day work, it’s perfect for one-off jobs around the camp, butchering meat, and light work in the backyard.

Tip: If you mostly need a tool for kindling, check out our recommended kindling hatchets to get all the options in one place.


  • Plastic FiberComp handle is non-slip, durable, and lightweight.
  • Sharp bit that’s easy to maintain.
  • Patented system that securely attaches the head and handle.
  • Protective plastic sheath doubles as a carrying handle.
  • Hardened forged steel blade for extended sharpness.
  • Flared knob to stop the tool from flying out of your hand.
Features of a Fiskars X7 hatchet

Parts of the Fiskars X7

The X7 is loaded with features that set it apart from the competition. Let’s look at the parts of this axe and what we like about them.

Protective sheath

The first thing you’ll notice about the X25’s axe head is that it’s protected by a plastic sheath. This cover is useful for protecting the bit and stopping people and pets from accidentally cutting themselves.

It also doubles as a carrying handle which is more helpful than you can imagine when stumbling through thick undergrowth in the forest. Hunters and hikers can strap it to their pack using the handle and they’ll barely notice the extra weight.

Water can easily escape through the gaps in the sheath. This feature helps reduce the onset of rust and helps keep the blade in good condition.

Axe head

Remove the protective cover by flipping a level and sliding it off. You’ll discover a bit with a thin, wide edge made from double hardened steel.

Straight from the store, you can use this tool and most people will appreciate its sharpness. We tested it by lopping off some small branches and splitting some small pine rounds. It delivers deep, clean cuts and holds its edge well. This axe can split larger hardwood if you’re in a pinch, but it’ll take plenty of swinging.

The X25 axe blade isn’t perfect. Compared to more expensive hatchets it has its blemishes and its cutting edge won’t offer the same level of sharpness. But for the price, it offers excellent value for money.            

A closeup of the X7 axe bit

If you appreciate modern-looking axes with innovative technology, then the X25 should impress. Constructed using a PermaHead design, its head is virtually impossible to come loose from the handle.

Of course, if it does get broken you won’t be able to fix it. That means survivalists may want to choose a more traditional hatchet with a wood handle.  

Carpenters, sculptors, and anyone requiring a super-sharp blade will need to sharpen the X25 before use. To make that job easier, Fiskars offer an easy-to-use sharpener that is designed to match the X-Series blade profiles.

Axe handle

Another unique feature of the Fiskars X7 hatchet is its hollow handle. At only 14” in length, this makes for a light tool that anyone can swing. 

Outdoor adventurers can also use the inside of the handle for a basic survival kit. Fill it with batteries, fishing tackle, flint, and some basic first aid equipment.

The shaft is made from FiberComp material that absorbs vibration. It takes a lot of chopping before any hand pain sets in.

The look of this material may not look as nice as a quality hickory handle, but it’s hard to complain about its durability. FiberComp is built to last and outperforms even the strongest wood. Admittedly, some won’t appreciate the materials used to make the haft. Because it’s not wood, you won’t be able to able to thin, sand, or varnish the handle.

A flared knob at the end of the handle is useful for stopping the axe from flying out of your hands. You’ll also notice a lanyard hole at the end of the handle for easy hanging, whether it’s on your pack or in the shed.

A closeup of the Fiskars X7 knob

After splashing water on the handle, its grip didn’t become slippery. A handy feature if you’re likely to use the X7 in wet conditions. 

Strengths of a Fiskars X7

  • Light, easy to swing axe that’s comfortable in hand.
  • Made from durable materials that won’t break easily.
  • Sharp blade for chopping, woodworking, and carving.
  • Small and lightweight, making it easy to carry and store.
  • Produced in Finland by a reputable, long-established company.

Weaknesses of a Fiskars X7

  • Won’t deliver the same power as larger axes.
  • Hard work chopping logs over 4” (10cm) in diameter.
  • The poll can’t be used for hammering.
  • Can’t make alterations like thinning the handle.

Commonly asked questions

What type of blade is used for the Fiskars X7?

The X7 hatchet is made using a universal blade that is a little smaller than a splitting axe blade. It is lighter and best used for chopping small logs, pruning branches, bushcraft, and making tinder and kindling. 

Fiskars X7 vs X10 – what’s the difference?

The X7 and X10 hatchets both have the same design and are made for chopping kindling and felling small saplings. At 14” in length, the X7 is easier to carry on a backpack than the 17 1/2” X10. While the X7 is a one-handed hatchet, the X10 can also be swung with two hands for extra power.  

How do I sharpen the X7 axe?

The X7 blade can be sharpened like a regular axe using sandpaper, files, or an electric tool. Fiskars offer a special sharpener that helps maintain the tool’s correct blade profile.

What is the best alternative to the Fiskars X7?

If you’re looking for a small chopping axe alternative in the Fiskars range, then the X5 is lighter and easier to carry with you. If you need more power, then the X10 provides better leverage, and you can use two hands if needed. Those looking for a different brand should consider the Estwing Sportsman’s Axe or the Coleman Camp Axe.

Is the Fiskars X7 made in China?

The Fiskars axe range is made in the small villlage of Sorsakoski, Finland. By staying local, the company plays an important role in bolstering employment in the community. Finnish production has the added bonus of improving product quality.

Fiskars X7 Specifications

Total length14”35.5cm
Head weight16.5 ounces470g
Axe head length5”13cm
Axe head thickness0.6”1.6cm
Total weight22.75 ounces645g

Is Fiskars a trustworthy manufacturer?

Fiskars has been making tools since 1649 and has built a solid reputation for long-lasting products. Finland’s oldest private company forges its tools locally under strict quality guidelines. We write about the Fiskars corporation here.

Fiskars makes a wide range of products and is perhaps best known for its iconic orange scissors. They also own brands like Royal Doulton, Gerber, and Royal Albert.

Summing up

The Fiskars X7 axe is a well-built tool that offers excellent value for money. It’s light, easy to swing, and is built from materials that won’t break easily.

The X7 has lots of features and benefits, but what we like most is that you get some decent chopping power from a seriously small tool. It’s perfect for anyone needing to keep their equipment to a minimum in the outdoors.

This axe will also appeal as a low-cost hatchet for backyard work like chopping wood for kindling and thinning out saplings.

Keep in mind the Fiskars X7 is a one-hand tool. If you’ve got jobs that require a bit of extra power from using two hands, you may want to spend a little more and invest in an X10.

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