Husqvarna Axes – Brand Overview

Husqvarna is a Swedish company that designs and manufactures outdoor tools to keep the back yard looking neat and tidy. The company also makes tools for professionals working in parks and forests.

Founded in 1689, it started out as a firearms manufacturer and is now one of the oldest companies in the world. Husqvarna operates on a global scale, with a big focus on providing useful product knowledge from local dealers in over 360 locations.

The company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has helped it become one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor equipment. It is one of the leaders in robotics and battery powered solutions.

Husqvarna has launched research and initiatives into reducing carbon emissions and has developed some of the best energy-efficient products in its field.

Quick Facts

  • Industry: Forest and yard tools.
  • Founded: 1689.
  • Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Products: Axes, hatchets, chainsaws, trimmers, garden tractors, tillers, pressure washers, vacuum cleaners.
  • Made in: Sweden.
  • Website: Visit here.

Husqvarna axe range

Husqvarna is best known for its power tools, producing an impressive range of lawn mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, saws, leaf blowers, and garden tractors. However, they also make a selection of mid-priced axes and hatchets as well as a useful grinding stone.

  • Multi-purpose axes
  • Multi-purpose hatchet
  • Splitting axes
  • Splitting axes
  • Sledge axe
  • Limbing axe
  • Carpenter axe
  • Hatchet

The Huskie axe range can be segmented into two categories – wood and composite handled tools. In the traditional wood range, there are specialized products for splitting, hammering, felling, limbing, carpentry, and general yard work.

The second category of composite axes has an easily recognizable orange and grey branding. There are universal axes and hatchets as well as splitting axes in this range.

Husqvarna Product Reviews

Below are some Husqvarna tools we tested here at Axe Adviser.

A lady holding a Husqvarna A2400 with saplings in the background

Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Axe A2400 Review

Posted on
Tested by: Alex Johansen. Modeled by: Zaza. The Husqvarna A2400 axe is the biggest option in the multi-purpose, composite-handle range. At 27.5″ in length, it’s suited to construction, felling trees,…
Balancing a Husqvarna Universal Axe A1400 on the shoulder with forest in the background

Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Axe A1400 Review

Posted on
Tested by: Alex Johansen. Modeled by: Zaza. The Husqvarna A1400 multi-purpose axe is the second smallest option from its composite handle range. At 23.5″ in length, it’s suited to basic…
Holding a Husqvarna H900 hatchet with blurred forest in the background

Husqvarna Universal Hatchet H900 Review

Posted on
Tested by: Alex Johansen. Modeled by: Zaza. The Husqvarna H900 universal hatchet is the smallest option in this manufacturer’s composite handle range. At just over 13″ in length, it’s made…

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Additional information about Husqvarna

  • Wood and composite tools are available.
  • Strong reputation for quality products.
  • Durable composite or hickory wood handles.
  • All products backed by lifetime warranty.

The Husqvarna range of axes and hatchets will appeal to forestry professionals and arborists looking for a good balance of durability and affordability.

These tools are also ideal for anyone wanting to keep their backyard looking good and to split wood for winter. Hikers, campers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts will get years of use out of this range of axes.

  • Multi-purpose axes and hatchets
  • Splitting axes
  • Sledge axes
  • Carpenter axes
  • Limbing axes

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