Alex and Rick sitting on a log in the forest

Thanks for visiting us here at Axe Adviser. We’re Alex and Rick, two blokes from the bush. As kids, we watched our dads using an axe almost every day. Over the years, we’ve developed our own set of skills for using an axe. Now, we’re sharing everything we know here.

We made this site free from advertisements because they’re distracting. But we do occasionally recommend products that allow us to earn a small commission. We probably won’t be retiring any time soon, but any earnings from this site help create more content for our awesome readers.

We’ve broken this site up into two main sections:

  • Axe advice is packed with information about learning axe skills, maintenance, learning to throw axes, and much more.
  • Product knowledge is your go-to location for product reviews, comparisons, and product guides. Our combined 20 years of using a wide range of products is on show in this pages.

If you’ve got any questions feel free contact us and we’ll do our best to answer. Happy chopping!