Gerber Axes: Brand Overview

Gerber was founded in 1939 and since that time, has built a strong reputation for manufacturing high-performance tools. They’re best known for an extensive range of knives made for practically every application you can imagine. Many outdoor tradesmen, fishermen, hunters, and survivalists will be very familiar with the Gerber brand.

The company is proud of its American roots. Its products are designed and engineered in Portland, OR. While some of its range is made at this factory, other products are manufactured abroad.

Gerber is owned by Fiskars, the huge Finnish company with an excellent reputation for making innovative, durable tools.    

Quick Facts

  • Industry: Specialist outdoor tools.
  • Founded: 1939.
  • Headquarters: Portland, OR.
  • Products: Knives, axes, machetes, tomahawks, saws, scissors, multitools.
  • Made in: United States & Abroad.
  • Website: Visit here.

Gerber axe range

Gerber specializes in producing knives, with an extensive range of over 200 products. They make fixed, folding, assisted, and automatic opening blades. In addition to knives, the company produces axes, tomahawks, machetes, scissors, and saws.

Gerber makes a popular range of Freescape composite-handled axes. They are tough and do a great job of chopping or splitting wood and processing fish and game.

  • Freescape hatchets and axes
  • Gator Combo Axe
  • Pack hatchets
  • Downrange Tomahawk

The bright green and black color scheme is easily recognizable. If the design and feel look familiar, that’s because these axes are the same as the Fiskars axe range, they have just been rebranded.

In addition to their FiberComp handled axes, Gerber also make a useful full-tang steel pack hatchet and tomahawk. They’re light, versatile, and have multiple uses.

Gerber Product Reviews

Here are some Gerber tools we have tested here at Axe Adviser.

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Gerber 17.5 Inch Freescape Hatchet with countryside in the background

Gerber 17.5″ Freescape Hatchet Review

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Large mauls and axes do an excellent job of splitting tough logs. But they cost more, and making lateral swings is a hard slog. Yard work, like pruning tree branches…
Gerber 23.5 Inch Freescape Axe with trees and countryside in background

Gerber 23.5″ Freescape Axe Review

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Mauls and large splitting axes are beasts for powering through tough logs. But they’re cumbersome for lateral swinging and aren’t cheap. Odd jobs like pruning tree branches at head height…

Company Video

Additional information about Gerber

  • Innovative tools with multiple uses.
  • Freescape range offers low-shock handles.
  • Freescape blades have PTFE coating reduces binding.
  • Strong reputation for quality products.
  • Durable composite and steel handles.
  • All products backed by lifetime warranty.

The Gerber range of axes and knives will appeal to survivalists, hunters, campers, and hikers – essentially those who love getting into the outdoors. The range is light and often compact, ideal for carrying longer distances.

Gerber products will also appeal to industry professionals, like forestry workers, outdoor guides, armed forces, EMS, and the National Guard. The company offer exclusive pricing for some groups as a show of thank you and respect.

  • Multi-purpose axes
  • Hatchets
  • Tomahawks
  • Machetes

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