The Husqvarna H900 universal hatchet is the smallest option in this manufacturer’s composite handle range. At just over 13″ in length, it’s made for camping, trekking, yard work, and light splitting.

The features of an H900 look impressive, but is it worth the money? We reviewed this tool to highlight its features, strengths, and weaknesses.

What is a Husqvarna H900 Hatchet?

The Husqvarna H900 is a lightweight hatchet that is easy to carry in a backpack or slip into the trunk when heading to the outdoors. Its thin, curved edge is sharp and capable of cutting deep into wood. Use it to fell small trees, chop tinder and kindling, or split small logs.

  • The H900 is a hatchet made for light jobs.
  • Lightweight and easy to swing, no matter who uses it.
  • Super-durable composite handle that absorbs shock.
An infographic showing dashboard performance data for the Husqvarna H900 hatchet
Performance dashboard stats.

How does the H900 hatchet perform?

We tested the Husqvarna H900 on a range of basic tasks and were impressed with its performance. This compact tool is light and easy to swing at awkward angles, which is common when tree pruning. Thinning small branches off trees was easy, as was chopping campfire kindling.

The H900 did an excellent job splitting softwoods, powering through pine and fir logs. Some 20″ partially seasoned hickory rounds were much tougher to split. It’s possible to process these more challenging logs with an H900, but you’re much better off with a bigger splitting axe or maul.

An arm swinging the Universal Hatchet H900 on a white background with weight and length measurements in text
The H900 is easy to swing with one hand.

The H900 is 13.4″ long and weighs 1.98 pounds. It’s light and easy to carry on a pack or store in confined spaces when traveling. A lanyard hole allows for easy fastening onto a belt or backpack.

Long-haul trekkers looking to shave weight may find the Husqvarna H900 too heavy. It’s a similar size to the Fiskars X7 but weighs over half a pound extra. The added load won’t go unmissed by the end of a three-day hike through mountainous terrain. Those looking for a super-light option should also check out our review of the Gerber Pack Hatchet.

The extra weight in the H900 is all in the head, which means additional power. Those who don’t need to carry the hatchet far may appreciate this additional weight.

Tip: You may also want to read our Husqvarna A2400 Axe review. This is another multi-purpose axe in their range, but it’s much bigger.


  • Composite handle is durable and lightweight.
  • Sharp, curved blade that holds its edge well.
  • Protective plastic sheath doubles as a carrying handle.
  • Durable C60 carbon steel head is built to last.
  • Hooked end for a more secure grip in hand.
  • Hammer on head’s poll for driving wedges.
A top down shot of the Huskie H900 with labels highlighting the main features
This tool has some great features for its price.

Parts of the Husqvarna H900

The H900 is loaded with features that set it apart from the competition. Let’s look at the parts of this hatchet and what we like about this tool.

1. Hatchet head

The H900 axe head has a thin, curved blade that’s excellent for chopping tasks. Made from C60 carbon steel, it’s durable and will take anything you throw at it.

Most people will be happy with the bit’s edge straight from the store. However, carpenters, sculptors, and anyone requiring a super-sharp blade should sharpen it before use.

A closeup image of the H900 hatchet blade
A sharp, curved blade has a coating that reduces binding.

We tested the blade by lopping off some small branches, and it worked great. It delivers deep and clean cuts on small logs and holds its edge well. If you’re in a pinch, this hatchet splits larger hardwood, but it’ll take plenty of swinging.

The H900 has a PTFE coating, a helpful feature for reducing binding in wood. Keep in mind that it tends to wear off over time, especially after sharpening, so it’s a temporary benefit.

The Husqvarna H900 blade isn’t perfect compared to more expensive hatchets. It has some minor blemishes, but for the price, it offers excellent value for money.            

A poll, or butt, can be used for light hammering jobs around the yard. At campsites, it’s a handy tool for banging in tent stakes. The manufacturer does not recommend using a hammer to bash on the hatchet’s poll. While mauls can take this kind of punishment, it will damage the H900.

A zoomed in picture of the H900 poll
The butt is useful for hammering tent stakes.

2. Protective sheath

A plastic sheath protects the Husqvarna universal hatchet’s head. This cover helps protect the blade and stops people from accidentally cutting themselves.

The sheath is shaped as a carrying handle which is extremely helpful when struggling through thick forest undergrowth. Hunters and hikers can strap it to their pack using the handle.

Water quickly escapes through the gaps in the sheath, reducing the onset of rust or mold. Moisture isn’t caught inside, which can be a problem with leather sheaths.

A hand holding the Husqvarna H900 by its handle which is part of the sheath
The hatchet’s cover also makes a comfortable carry handle.

3. Hatchet handle

The Husqvarna H900 hatchet has a hollow handle. At less than 14″ in length, this makes for a lightweight tool that is easy to wield. The shaft’s composite materials are excellent at absorbing vibration. This valuable feature means less hand and wrist pain for the user.

Outdoor adventurers can also use the inside of the handle for a basic survival kit. Fill it with fishing tackle, flint, batteries, and essential first-aid equipment. Of course, they’ll want to remove the contents before using the hatchet.

Two hands holding the H900 axe horizontaly
A hollow handle results in a lightweight tool.

The handles of all the Husqvarna composite axes and hatchets are the same orange and grey. This color scheme makes the tool easier to spot in long grass.

While some will prefer a quality hickory handle over composite materials, it’s hard to complain about this tool’s durability. It is built to last and outperforms even the strongest wood.

A hooked knob at the end of the handle helps stop the hatchet from flying out of hand. There is also a lanyard hole at the end of the handle for easy hanging, whether in the shed or on a pack.

Our biggest issue with the Husqvarna universal hatchet is its handle grip. Of all the axes and hatchets we’ve tested, this one felt the least secure in hand. The plastic surface feels slightly slippery, unlike similar tools by Estwing, Gerber, Fiskars, and DeWalt. We’d love to see this addressed in future releases.  

Strengths of a Husqvarna H900

  • Made from solid materials that will take the impact.
  • Light and easy-to-swing tool that had great balance.
  • Curved blade for a range of chopping and splitting.
  • Small and lightweight, making it easy to carry and store.

Weaknesses of a Husqvarna H900

  • Could feel more secure in hand.
  • Delivers less power than larger axes.

Commonly asked questions

What type of blade is used for the Husqvarna H900?

The H900 hatchet has a curved blade that offers excellent versatility. It is light and best used for pruning branches, bushcraft, chopping tinder and kindling, or splitting small logs.

How do I sharpen the H900 axe?

Sharpen an H900 hatchet like a regular axe using sandpaper, files, or an electric tool. Husqvarna makes a grinding stone with a coarse grind on one side and a fine grind on the other. Keep in mind that blade sharpening will remove some protective coating that helps stop the blade from getting stuck in the wood.

What is the best alternative to the Husqvarna H900?

If you’re looking for a more traditional hatchet from the Husqvarna range, consider their hand-forged hatchet with a hickory handle. For a similar style of composite handle hatchet from a different brand, it is hard to beat the Fiskars X7. Check out our guide to the best hatchets for kindling here.

Husqvarna H900 vs. A1400 – what’s the difference?

The H900 is a 13.4″ long one-handed hatchet designed for small chopping and splitting jobs. The A1400 axe measures 23.5″ in length and is swung with two hands. Its blade length is a quarter inch longer than the H900, and its total weight is over one pound heavier, making it a much more powerful tool. The A1400 also has an overstrike guard for added protection.  

Husqvarna Universal Hatchet H900 specifications

Total Length13.4”340mm
Head Length5.82”148mm
Blade length3.11”79mm
Total Weight1.98lb900g
Head Weight1.54lb700g
  • Head Material: C60 Carbon Steel
  • Handle Material: Composite PA
  • Made in: Sweden

Summing up

The Husqvarna H900 axe is a well-built tool that offers excellent value for money. It is easy to swing and built from materials that will last.

The H900 is feature-packed, but we were most impressed with the decent chopping power that came from such a small tool. It’s perfect for anyone needing to keep their equipment to a minimum in the outdoors.

This hatchet will also make a handy low-cost hatchet for backyard work like pruning and chopping wood for kindling.

The Husqvarna H900 is a one-handed tool, so if you’ve got jobs that need extra power from two hands, you may want to spend a little more and invest in an A1400.

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