If you’ve never tried axe throwing it may sound like a slightly crazy, dangerous sport. But getting unbiased information from the internet isn’t easy. On the one side, there are the throwing centers telling you it’s safer than chess while every other site talks about a woman almost hit by an axe.

As impartial bystanders, we decided to create a guide on the safety of axe throwing. Let’s get started.

Will I be safe throwing an axe?

Most axe throwing centers, whether recreational or competition-level, have a big focus on safety. If you follow the instructor’s guidelines, you’ll be taking part in one of the safer sports on offer. A few venues provide alcohol during axe throwing and we do not believe this is a safe environment for axe throwing.

What to look for in a safe axe throwing venue

It’s usually easy to pick a business that has your safety as a priority. Look for one that has a safety training session before getting started. It needs to be more than just a one-liner like “be careful out there guys”. The rules need to be outlined.

Safe throwing centers should have enough experienced staff to spend one-on-one time with every new thrower, making sure they throw correctly. Staff should also be actively monitoring the situation.

How to stay safe when throwing

Although you can’t control the actions of others, you can take a few precautions to reduce the chance of hurting yourself.

  • Never drink alcohol or take drugs before or during activities.
  • Wear appropriate clothes shoes that are closed-toe.
  • Throw where only one person is allowed per lane.
  • Never enter a lane when another person is throwing.
  • Have fun but be sensible. Forget trying to throw blindfolded or from double the distance.

Is axe throwing safe for children?

An axe has a sharp edge and throwing them requires a certain level of strength and dexterity. Some businesses allow younger kids to participate, but we think an appropriate age to start would be around 12 years. Keep in mind that some venues serve alcohol and aren’t suitable for children.

Can I throw axes when pregnant?

Most axe throwing centers allow pregnant women to take part as the axes are usually only 3-4lbs. Whether you decide to throw or not will come down to what trimester you’re in and whether you consider it too risky. We recommend consulting a doctor before taking part in strenuous activities while pregnant.

Viral girl throwing axe video – how could it happen?

A quick online search for “girl throwing axe” will show a woman tossing an axe at the base of a target. It ricochets back and narrowly misses her head.

Is this a common problem? It’s only possible if the throwing center has rubber mats and axes with rubber handles. That’s what made the axe bounce back with such force. Of course, the throw was so far off the mark it looks like she may not have been aiming for the target. It’s hard to say for sure though.

To avoid this happening to you, choose somewhere that doesn’t use cheaper rubber axes. They’re risky combined with rubber mats.   

Tips for people worried about axe throwing

  • Choose a reputable place to try it out for the first time.
  • Listen carefully to your experienced instructor.
  • Don’t ever visit an axe throwing center under the influence.
  • Do some research at home before your first time – check out our guide on how to throw axes as well as our tips on how to improve at axe throwing.
  • Remember the axe is smaller than a regular felling axe so it’s quite easy to handle.
  • Try to relax and enjoy yourself, it’s meant to be a fun pastime!

Summing up

Axe throwing is a surprisingly safe sport when the rules are followed. There will always be the occasional business operator more interested in money than safety. We hope that as the industry matures, certain practices like allowing alcohol in the venues will be regulated against. Things can go wrong when liquor is involved!

Most axe throwing centers are fun, safe places that put their customers’ safety above everything else. Find one of those and give them a try. Once you’ve tried it once, you’ll be back for another session before you know it.

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