Whether it’s ten-pin bowling, weight lifting, or rock climbing, all indoor sports centers have their own recommended clothing. While most people know you wear special shoes to bowl, they may not be up to date on what to wear axe throwing. Is a hardhat required!? This guide looks at appropriate clothing for throwing axes.

What should I wear to an axe throwing center?

While axe throwing centers don’t have an overly strict dress code, you should always wear suitable closed-toe shoes and avoid large dangly jewelry. For a better throwing technique, it is best to wear clothing that’s stretchy enough to allow a full range of movement.

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1. Footwear

Safety boots aren’t required as the risk of injury is low, but some protection is still needed. Always wear closed-toe shoes that are a comfortable fit. A covered shoe will help reduce splinters from wood chips and an axe blade’s damage.

The best shoes are runners, flats, or boots as they offer good support. Sandals, heels, flip-flops, Crocs, or other open shoes are not allowed. For safety, avoid height-elevating shoes or platform shoes as you could trip in mid-throw.

2. Shirt

Shirt choice isn’t as crucial as footwear, but it’s worth considering. You’ll lift one or both your hands above your head to throw the axe. Clothing like fitted business shirts or super-tight dresses will be restricting and could impact your throwing style. Worse still, you might experience a wardrobe malfunction that has you running to the bathroom until backup clothing arrives!

Try to avoid anything too baggy too. It could get in the way and result in an unwanted injury. Instead, we recommend donning a t-shirt or a flannel shirt for that lumberjack look.

3. Pants

Unless you compete at a competitive level, the type of pants isn’t important. Most of the work is done with the arms, so long or short pants are perfectly fine.

4. Outerwear and jewelry

Although you may wear a big jacket to the venue, when it comes time to throw, you’ll want to remove it. Most centers are kept warm enough to wear a t-shirt comfortably. After a few throws, you’ll be nicely warmed up anyway. 

Most jewelry is acceptable, but avoid loose hanging necklaces, hoop earrings, bracelets, and bangles. They’re ideal for getting an axe caught up, and you don’t want that. We suggest tying up long hair, so it doesn’t obstruct your view while throwing.

Caps and hats are fine, especially if it is an outdoor venue. For obvious reasons, a massive sombrero may not be a wise choice.

5. Branded Apparel

Throwing clubs and leagues usually carry a wide range of branded axe throwing apparel. If you decide to get involved in an organized competition, plenty of clothing options will be available.

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Commonly asked questions

Can I wear Crocs for throwing axes?

Crocs should not be worn axe throwing as it’s easier to trip during the throw. Your exposed feet will also be more exposed to wood splinters from the axe targets and a dropped axe. 

Can I wear high heels to an axe throwing center?

Heels are unsuitable for throwing axes as they are open-toe and increase the chance of injury from an axe blade or splinters. We suggest taking them in your handbag and popping them on if you go out after throwing.

Can I wear office attire straight to axe throwing?

We strongly suggest changing into a t-shirt before throwing. Business shirts and pants often don’t allow a full range of movement, something that’s essential for throwing axes properly.

Summing up

While axe throwing doesn’t require any special clothing to participate, you’ll need to show up with closed-toe shoes. In general, if your outfit is suitable for running, it’ll be fine for this sport too.

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